How Long is Wrong

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How Long is Wrong Featuring SIDney Howard: Moog Filter’d modeled e.bass, Polymoog, Hohner Chromonica 64 harmonica, lead, side, and background vocals; Kenny Watson: lead, side, and background vocals; Siloam Pool: lead and background vocals; Erin Barger and John Holkeboer: background vocals; Mark Drummond: guitars; Rick Williams: tap dancing; Ron Otis: drums [recorded by Rufus Harris at bridgewerksAudio Services of Waterford MI]



How Long Is Wrong?     [Matthew 5:8 and 23:27]


Verse 1
I want to choke on their songs
…dimidiating bunkum, sewn
Many protests—set in mode: Death intense
Mail those same keen tones
Keep on saying, “Do wrong…doin’ whatcha feel then”
Can thousands say, “Prepare today” and pass off sane as beautiful?

Loot can take them corner to throne
It’s all about the things we do wrong
And time in time goes on, but the sound long
Goes on…tag the shadow
Find those slackin’, vegin’, ‘bout to sell the book they’re afraid to read

Verse 2
Half-pursued, they’ll just shoot up to fifteen [DOOM! DUMB!]
…sheep to the wolf, baby…your booth-bound, set in slow-woe
Getting into the cycle, then you take me aside
Tell me stories ‘bout the glory of the worlds I live in

Sin’s a big shop…music’s hot
Predilection fills the dizzy
Used there to rapture fan deceit
Showboat to fame, move up and then…
Life gets too busy to forgive-up all that’s due
The fools on impulse auto-take one for the team, do

Honed modern instant karma pabulum…
Homes, what’s it set for? …bone for bone?
The years inform in tea leaves to leave
…’til the wrong comes home
…says, “…postpone and pardon
Ditch your dues to stick ‘em to mood flow…high low”
Seems all default; but that dreaded devil sees you

How does that counterpoint form (the) tell-me business’s?
How dumb do some suppose us?
…delving dealing outgoing ceremonies set in their to-do’s
…count’s down to “one”; beat your buzzer…maybe make it ‘til Tuesday

[How long is wrong…]
…to cover love and deadened our lowly poor proceeding between and through the moments?
[How long is wrong?]
‘til beetles chew to pieces all your cover, ride your thesis through …woo-ooh-ooh

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