Let’s Just Get Along

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Let’s Just Get Along Featuring SIDney Howard: lead and bass synthesizers, Steinway Grand piano, FCH “Trumpet”, modeled chamber strings, drums and percussion programming, hand claps, lead and background vocals; SiloamPool: side and background vocals; Sarah JjiraLinnon Wells, and John Holkeboer: background vocals; Jack Marchbanks: guitars


Let’s Just Get Along     [1 Corinthians 9:22/Matthew 10:16]


Verse 1
Well, it seems from the first time
We never had systems running sense, to them upon thrones
And the reason notwithstanding —would imagine—s’still an orphaned jones for moans
Island deserts fixed for gardens, Eden’s grown and gone
Down among the hipsters, that’s the tone
Lost on the avenue, on the boulevard, still in court there,
The new thoughts done, moved ahead

While the price of nice is down on the level, tell ’em
Let’s just get along
Silence falls off from the devil’s shovel, selling let’s just get along

Verse 2
I couldn’t be seen without some wounds
…moving up in the standings, and casting shadows
And lopsidedly escaping to find sneak thieves groovin’ on under calming to cheat you
Humility is such a fun word, but then it goes and calls for a change
Your love when you conquer your mountains, in fountains of living water,
Will speak to their needs


Glow on with all the truth, all the new in and on ya; leave you behind you
Save overbearing for those staring down on the caring, for want of their [quote]crimes

[grand piano Solo]

Chorus/Vamp (out to fade)

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