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Meet the Artists

SIDzCarbonatedMilk "Mµne-Pi" Class of 2009-2010

Carey Denha: Lead and Background Vocals

Carl Robinson: Guitar on "Setting A-SIDes"

Cindy Young: Lead and Background Vocals

Cye: Background Vocals on "Lies"

Erin Barger: Lead and Background Vocals

Farouk Aboukar: Percussion on "SIDon 'S' on the Map"

Jack Marchbanks: Guitars and Vocals, and Washboard

Jason Gittenger: Drums on "...Gotcha" and "What's It Gonna Take"

John Holkeboer: Background Vocals

Kenny Watson: Lead and Background Vocals

Linnon Wells: Background Vocals on "Let's Just Get Along" - lead on "Happened..."

Lish: Lead and Background Vocals

Markovic Drummond: Six StringALicious StratoFunk [a.k.a. "Guitar"] on "That Said (Seems Like You Got You a Problem)", "How Long Is Wrong", and "Cancer"

Phillip Van Buren: Saxes on "Call Lee"; "Ante"'

Ralf Patterson: Bass guitar on "Tempted & Tested"

Reuben Yabuka: Co-lead on "How Long Is Wrong", background vocals, recitation of "Mississippi Moonpie", and dramatic portrayals

Rick Willams: Tap on "How Long Is Wrong"

Rodney Hoskins: background vocals, and leads on "Settled and Due" and "Can I Fly Away w/U?"

Ron Otis: Drums on "How Long Is Wrong"

Rufus Harris: Live acoustic guitar on "Can I Fly Away w/U?"

Sarah Jjirah:[Genesis 17:15/22:14]: Lead and Background vocals

SIDney Howard: Keyboards; Bass Guitar; Guitar; Chromatica Harmonica; Drum, Percussion and Loop programming; Lead and Background vocals

Siloam Pool: [John 9:7": Vocals]

Syster Owaye: E-Vocals, E-Acoustic Guitar

Theresa Maybe: Dramatic portrayals

Tim 'X-Mann' Mann: Guitars on "I'm the One"

Tiren Jhames: Dramatic portrayals

Torrence Carey: Guitars on "Call Lee"; "Ante"

Vito Lafata: Pedal Steel Guitar on "...Gotcha"



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