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The Mµne-Pi Morality Manifesto - Page 1

Morality µ (= resistance) Nimbly Engaging Pure-hearted Intellectualism We're through the looking glass, people. But is it because a predatory secular society has re-trained brains to perceive mirror-wise through skewed views? As I groom, primp, perfect, and prepare in my bathroom mirror, I am guided by the image of my movements therein reflected. I have seen myself operating reverse in it for so long that interpreting my inverse movements has become more natural than ever is my negotiating from the vantage of two mirrors that show true directions in real time. Similarly, secular humanism's reversing effect on moral truth has yielded a bumptious bumper crop of meandering minds guided by moral compasses that always point... wherever. The Straight Path Situational ethics refute the validity of any foundational firmament for which there can be established any moral absolutes. The absence of such is mistakenly deemed independent from the tyranny of structure. Imagine a minefield spanning two-hundred square yards. Bisecting the field from one corner to its farthest counter is a high elevated paved walkway only one yard in breadth. Annoyed by the constriction of a pathway that allows only a straight walk, a vocal minority is successful in their efforts to have it demolished. After which, everyone becomes free to frolic in the minefield below. There, they're unencumbered by the walk's rule. As more and more often members of their licentious society are blown to bits, rather than admit that the walk they worked to destroy was necessary and a safe way, the new-morality minds choose a detrimental trial and error approach. Further complicating things is their reticence to ever admit that the sidewalk was the best way. ...that perhaps a greater mind than theirs conceived it and provided it foreknowing their fallibilities, and that having to inch through the field ever-aware that any misstep most assuredly proves fatal isn't progress at all when compared with the way they were once free to safely run up and down the bridge. I became a real Christian in my early twenties - while performing in a college Funk Rock band [Ebony Specktrum]. It was the seventies [see 1970's]. Amazingly for me, holiness provided more moral freedom than SID B.C. I was not one comfortable with ever being promiscuous; I have always been a romantic. The red badge of "Christian" gave me courageous license to live morally-free of having to explain myself. "Man, I hooked us up with some--" "I'm a Christian." "Oh...yeah, man. That's cool. ...uh..." The irony of opinions purporting that Christians are brainwashed zombies is that most of the opposing sentiments are but rehashed regurgitated pre-fab opinions and gainsaying that are most often founded on illogical platitudes and prejudices. Obfuscating contextual cushions are so often used by pundits and politicians who prefer to always leave open options when "categorically stating" anything. In Matthew 5:37, Jesus said, "Let your 'yes' mean yes and your 'no' mean no; all else comes from the evil one." When I first read that, I thought it perhaps an overstatement - as did I with several other biblical statements that I ultimately also found to be true. Nowadays, the casual listener can so easily be deceived by what they think they hear. The news is so often interpreted. Many times we're shown footage of some English-speaking person, while an English-speaking news correspondent seemingly superfluously voices over an editorialized "interpretation" for the English-speaking viewers. Many will leave the broadcast set in mind that what they've heard voiced-over were the exact words of original speaker. These persons will report in-turn what was essentially talk-over as having been the exact words of the speaker. "I heard him say it myself." It's interesting that they're called news programs.


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