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The Mµne-Pi Morality Manifesto - Page 2

The programmed will so often allege Christians are programed. Many so-called indeed are. By my estimation, there are three groups that will answer to the name "Christian": 1. There are those who are denominational generational traditionalists. These are those who are raised in traditions of faith that were set forth by family or community. And religiously reenact gestures and poses that communicate their perception of devotion (or devotion to perceptions). 2. There are the social Christians who utilized the Christian brand as a social uniform in a pseudo-commitment to vague popularized tenants that dilute and reduce the peculiar calling to generalities like God is love, there're are many ways to love, there're many ways to God, religion is a private issue to be kept secret, who can say what God says is sin is wrong (a.k.a. Who are we to judge?), and the Bible has been changed over the years and can no longer be considered God's word. 3. And finally, there are Christ's true disciples. Those who are surrendered to Him - no longer self-owning but bought with the price of His saving sacrifice. I have long endeavored to walk a wholly holy spiritually-informed path that falls into the third category. The first two were reasons I strayed away; they simply didn't make sense to me. For me, it was "Great Pumpkinism". I needed to believe in a God that would show Himself to be real, and not just be a waste of my precious Sunday mornings. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and became a disciple in my college senior year, I asked in prayer that He not allow me to be fake. From that point on, my faith has had to present credentials daily before entering the gates of my belief. If at anytime my belief in Jesus Christ proves untrue, it will summarily be discarded. That has never happened, and as it proves itself truer as time goes by, I cannot foresee that happening. We are in a war. This is a fight to the death for souls. Systems of Survival The law of the jungle is survival of the fittest. It is the nature of things natural. So many speak on the subject of sin nature - that is, the flesh (or human nature) purposed in directions diametrically opposite to the spirit. [Romans 7:23 again] While the spirit desires to please God, the mankind's nature lives to be pleased by self service. What must be considered and understood is human nature, which is the natural animal design of our bodies (that serves as our vehicles in the natural world - as does a scuba diving suit allow a naturally terrestrial diver to perform as if on land in a aquatic realm) is combined with a true spiritual self-passenger within. In a principle not unlike the infusion of carbon into iron to create the steel alloy, the infusion of the God-imaged spirit into natural body of mankind produces the natural supernatural hybrid human being. The natural bodies of animals are designed for survival personally and corporately by the propagation of their respective species. Sin is derived from the manipulation of the survival drives to excessive degrees. Paul writes: "The love of money is the root of all evil." The love of money begins with the understanding of its power for provision. Evil begins when the understanding of need is distorted into lustful desires to acquire more than the need. That which is designed in us to desire toward the proliferation of our kind, is designed in Godly terms to have us attracted to the opposite gender - designed to accommodate and complete - so that together, two can produce children and thereby extended the species in an optimum natural family setting. As well by proper design, the loving bond that brought the two together is further strengthened to form a dedication to the family unit as structure and security for the children's benefit. As a little something for our troubles, God has included a little bonus...sexual pleasure. The forces of evil, stress that gracious bonus to the point where weakness turns from the selfless family directive to a selfish one that will live to satiate the instable carnal urges. We are designed so that when the tank is full, the pump shuts off automatically. The evil cultural pilots override this safety precaution, proverbially resulting in a dangerous overflow. Then, only just a spark is required to start the consuming fires. ...hell on earth.


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