Vito Lafata Jr.

Vito Lafata Jr.

Vito Lafata Jr.Vito Lafata Jr.

Vito Lafata Jr. did his first professional gig in 1974 and has continued ever since. He has been featured in guitar player magazine 3 times, has done over 100 commercials, plus industrial films.

Vito has studied with flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano, Laurence Juber, Preston Reed, Ed Gerhart, Matt Smith, Dave Martone, Jody Fisher, and others. He has also done workshops with Phil Keaggy, Pat Metheny, Muriel Anderson, Leo Kottke, and others.

Vito also produces a lot of local artists (metro Detroit area). He has also been the music director at “Mountaintop Christian Church” since 1999 and still currently teaches. He recently worked “Christmas in Detroit 3” and helped arrange and play on a couple of songs with Mitch Albom.

Vito is also a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, piano, bass, harmonica, pedal steel plus more.